Halo Channel App Reviews

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Good content, but.

The content and videos are amazing. I wish it had some Halo Waypoint capability for stuff like forums.


A cheap, low effort halo app. Might as well just open up waypoint instead.


Its good but you need to update it so you can connect it to you console or PC so you can see if any of your friends who play Halo are online, thanks bye!.

Honestly let down.

I just recently got back into halo 4 since it was made backwards compatible, and I’m a little sad that I can’t see my service record for it. Only the halo 5 record is accessible. Not to mention that I can’t access my reach record either. Waypoint had more options for interacting with the halo franchise as a whole while on the go. The app itself looks good but the UI is incredibly buggy and cumbersome. I really want waypoint back or at least for the halo channel to be shown the love it deserves. (Also Halo 5 was a disappointment. Do better.)

Just Terrible..

Halo Waypoint was the best app to check your spartans stats, weapons, and etc. You were also able to access it through old games and not needing the Halo 5 game. It is also laggy as hell and the design for the app is beyond inferior. 343i or whatever really screwed up on this one and the rest of the Halo series. This app is really terrible and laggy. All it shows is your Halo 5 status and halo episodes like landfall. Wouldnt recommend downloading this at all, just a waste of time and space.The Bungie era was much better and was pushing Halo to the pinnacle of video gaming. RIP Halo.

Meh and never updated!

This app seems like it never has updated news. I means its been months and I really have no reason to keep using it. I want to use it more but its always the same posts from 2016. Come on people, this thing could be amazing but it isn’t close to being a complete app still


I love this app and I am truly indeed a halo fan. This app still has stuff from over two years ago. Add in some new things such as things on waypoint. On both waypoint and this my head on my spartan is all messed up. WHY!!!?? Not trying to be rude but more needs in happen. Halo 5 is almost a ghost thanks to halo wars 2. Update this and halo 5. The battle rifle (br) is changed.WHY!!!?That was very unessasary. Update the server and make it where you only play with people your lvl. And where you can decide higher lvl or not. That’s all I ask of you.

Broken App, No Service Record for Classics

Featured menu has content from over a year ago and they’re still promoting Fall if Reach? How about some new articles or content that isn’t 1-3 years old. As far as the app goes it’s pretty useless. Service record is only for Halo 5, not even Halo Wars 2, Halo MCC or even the classics? I’m uninstalling the moment I’m done writing this. Sad to see this franchise slowly die.


App serves my purposes. It just needs to be updated because it is on the slower side. Also update the front page. The top headline is from Comic-Con 2016.

Anything is better than the Xbox One version

So 5 stars 3v4 Industries! :)

Good App But Needs Work

Im rating this app 3 Stars not because it has technical issues (like crashes or other bugs), but because I cant manage my account from the app (make posts of the forum, post to my channel, or customize my profile). Sure you one could argue I should go to the web site and do stuff there, but then whats the point in getting the app? I can watch all the videos on the website AND write posts and/or make changes to my profile. Until they app some of those things, its pretty much useless.

Always crashes

Always crashes within first 3-4 seconds

Could be improved

Its a great app for news on halo 5 but Im not able to find my friends or access the forums


It really needs an update! Or maybe remake it as the Halo app just like on windows 10

Wasnt good at all

I tried to use it but it doesnt work unless in perfect conditions I give it a -1 star


I may just be mentally incapable (highly unlikely) at finding the forum section. Im trying to use this app the same way I use bungie but have no luck connecting with other players. Im looking for a team mate for halo 5 legendary campaign any one ready to f*ck sh*t up?!?

Slow, broken, and ugly

Clicking on my service record has only worked once. It always gives me an error message. The app is slow. When you click on a new link it shows the loading circles and takes about a second to load. Compared to waypoint the look and feel of this app is boring. It looks like a company website. All around this app doesnt add anything to the halo game.

Cant open it crashes

My app keeps crashing when I open it. It wont even open up to the title screen.

Very functional, but lacks looks

Running on iOS 9.1 on an iPhone 5, this app functions perfectly well. The aesthetics arent very pretty, but it serves its purpose very well (i.e. Halo 5 service record).


Add search function and ability to see more stats and more game history a long with clan features.

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