Halo Channel App Reviews

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Anything is better than the Xbox One version

So 5 stars 3v4 Industries! :)

Good App But Needs Work

Im rating this app 3 Stars not because it has technical issues (like crashes or other bugs), but because I cant manage my account from the app (make posts of the forum, post to my channel, or customize my profile). Sure you one could argue I should go to the web site and do stuff there, but then whats the point in getting the app? I can watch all the videos on the website AND write posts and/or make changes to my profile. Until they app some of those things, its pretty much useless.

Always crashes

Always crashes within first 3-4 seconds

Could be improved

Its a great app for news on halo 5 but Im not able to find my friends or access the forums


It really needs an update! Or maybe remake it as the Halo app just like on windows 10

Wasnt good at all

I tried to use it but it doesnt work unless in perfect conditions I give it a -1 star


I may just be mentally incapable (highly unlikely) at finding the forum section. Im trying to use this app the same way I use bungie but have no luck connecting with other players. Im looking for a team mate for halo 5 legendary campaign any one ready to f*ck sh*t up?!?

Slow, broken, and ugly

Clicking on my service record has only worked once. It always gives me an error message. The app is slow. When you click on a new link it shows the loading circles and takes about a second to load. Compared to waypoint the look and feel of this app is boring. It looks like a company website. All around this app doesnt add anything to the halo game.

Cant open it crashes

My app keeps crashing when I open it. It wont even open up to the title screen.

Very functional, but lacks looks

Running on iOS 9.1 on an iPhone 5, this app functions perfectly well. The aesthetics arent very pretty, but it serves its purpose very well (i.e. Halo 5 service record).


Add search function and ability to see more stats and more game history a long with clan features.

I love it ;)

I watched some pretty cool videos and got a free REQ Pack around the time Halo 5 came out. Good app.

Needs improvement

The game is great and all but I feel like the app can use a lot of improvement. There is a lot of potential for this app to grow in terms of bugs (cant load my Halo 5 service record sometimes), looks (it would be awesome to have a new, better looking startup logo and a completely new UI design for the app), a better profile page, and connectivity to the game. Overall, the app has potential to get better.

Needs to be bettter

The app isnt nearly as impressive as I hoped it would be. There is a lot of potential for the app to change starting off with a completely new UI design that makes me want to use the app. I cant access certain parts of the app sometimes and it can really be frustrating. Overall, I hope to see a new UI, better connectivity to the game, and a better experience.

They need to change the app name

It should be called the Halo 5 Channel. Where it is true that you can get other content in the app, it is a bit misleading that the only game stats you can get are Halo 5 stats. When the app was Waypoint you could see your entire Halo career stats. I miss that feature as it kept me feeling a part of the bigger Halo Universe.

Plenty of Halo content but...

Halo Channel is rich with Halo content and all, but I have to give it three stars because theres no way to watch videos on full wide screen -_-

Worst App

Works when it wants to. Seems like I have to rest my tablet or phone just to get it to work. From a top-tier game, I expect more from the app thats heavily promoted on Halo 5. Why promo it at all if it doesnt work.


Cant even look at your service record. Thats all I wanted. Terrible app. Hard to navigate. Crashes constantly

I love Halo!

Halo is the best!

My Review of the Halo Channel

I love the app, it is very useful! But I has a VERY horrible problem. THE VIDEO SYSTEM DOESNT WORK PROPERLY! I will try to load up Halo Nightfall, or Halo Fall of Reach, as I own both of them, but it will buffer for five minutes, (my wifi always is able to handle 1080p at all times) and then gives me 20 seconds of the series Im trying to watch! This means I cant enjoy my content that I paid for, and I still dont have the Nightfall armor for Halo 5, though Ive been trying for weeks now to try to watch Halo Nightfall! PLEASE ADRESS AND FIX THIS ISSUE! Other than that, the app is fine. Thank you for your time if you have read this far.

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